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Our goal is to shoot, edit, and present some of the best and most exciting Lake Erie underwater video.  We plan on getting out a lot in 2017 to capture some exciting and unique Lake Erie underwater video.  If you or someone you know has a boat and may be interested in helping us take underwater video, contact us.  We're flexible.  We can deploy cameras while out fishing (deploy them and come back in an hour or two and retrieve them), shoot video while swimming or scuba diving (we know the wrecks and good spots), or even set cameras out from shore if you have a good spot.  If you or someone you know has some good underwater video of Lake Erie and would like to put it on this site, let us know.

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We will be using Intova cameras, including the Intova Connex camera, the first POV action camera to have a hardwired video and power connection.  This camera can be used like a drop over camera.  You can view and record the live underwater video on the surface on a laptop or other device that has a video in connection (small TV or monitor).  The camera can be connected to some fish/depth finders.  It can also be used as a standard POV action camera.  Attach it to your bicycle, helmet, head strap, surf board, or anyplace you want to capture live action video.  No need for two cameras, a drop over and a POV.  The Intova Connex does both!

Satellite photos of Lake Erie are rarely clear for more than a few days before clouds cover all or part of the lake.  In mid April 2016 after a rain and wind event muddied up the Lake, we had six straight days of clear or nearly clear photos and 9 out of 12 days.  This gave us a chance to observe the lake currents over more days than usual.  Below is a photo movie of those 12 clear or nearly clear days in the Western Basin.  Click the 'next' button quickly to see the surface currents move.  You control the speed and direction of the movie so you can view and analyze the currents as you like.  The more and less turbid water make the current movements clearly visible.   Winds when significant were generally out of the Northeast or East.




We shot some ice fishing video in March of 2015 using the Intova Sport Edge camera.  It was a first time field test of equipment and technique.  The fish weren't cooperating so we got a limited amount of video.  Thanks to Hawg'n Charters for taking us out with them to experience the whole ice fishing scene.  The edited video is below.  It includes underwater video of walleye being landed, views of the bottom of the ice and ice descriptions, and some above ice fishing action.

Video Example

Below is a video produced in July 2008 by Outdoor Ohio (  It's about Lake Erie and features some of our underwater video.


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In 2012 the Versus cable network fishing show City Limits Fishing requested some of our Lake Erie underwater video for use in their Lake Erie Cleveland episode.  We have not seen the episode to see what, if any, footage they used.

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