Use this interactive map to locate all kinds of Lake Erie information.  Select one or more map icon categories on the right by checking the box in front of it.  Click the refresh button at the bottom.  The icon categories selected appear on the map.  Click the icon on the map to get info on that location.  Check and uncheck icon categories to activate or inactivate them.  Remember to click the refresh button after each change.  Icon locations on the map will include the name, address, information, and web site link (if available).  Some will have photographs and/or video.  Some icons will have a reference to another page on this site (launch ramps).  We are concentrating on recreation related categories first.  Locations such as motels and restaurants will be added later.  There is a huge amount of information to collect, requiring a lot of ground work.  Visiting each location is the only way to get accurate data.  I will be adding new locations in 2021.  Use the Lake Erie Links page to find links to Lake Erie information not currently located on this map. 

ILakeErie - Interactive Map Selections
Bait and Tackel
Scuba/Snorkeling Shop
Ferry Boat
Launch Ramp
Lake Structure
Underwater Video
Wildlife Area/Refuge