iLAKEERIE Lake Erie Western Basin Fishing Report  

Saturday June 24.  (Due to the huge numbers and wide distribution of smaller walleye this season, our report may not be the only locations that produced good walleye catches.  Other locations other than where our partner charter boat and a few other trusted sources caught fish may also have produced good catches.)

WALLEYEGood to limit catches 4 miles out and halfway in between South Bass and Kelleys Islands.  Most fish caught 5-6 foot off bottom.   Annual mayfly hatch slowing down but still a lot of them around.

June Walleye Outlook - The huge numbers of "short" walleye (under the legal length of 15 inches) will be the large part of fish caught daily.  Larger 17-22 inch fish and an occasional 22"+ will be a much smaller part of the daily catch.  Catching limits of larger legal walleye will be a challenge among all the smaller fish.


OTHER SPECIESAll other species are being caught; sheepshead, white bass, white perch, catfish, smallmouth bass, and the rest.  Try the bays and inlets for catfish, bullheads, and sheephead.  Nearshore and reef rocky areas for smallmouth bass.  Same and open water for white bass and white perch, also sheepshead. 

TEXT MESSAGE FISHING REPORT:  Mid June update - we are working to get the text message fishing report back up and running.  Hopefully we can get the old version updated so it will work with the newer systems, but it's taking longer than anticipated.  If / when we get it done the report info will be posted here.

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