iLAKEERIE Lake Erie Western Basin Fishing Report  

Wednesday August 16.  (Due to the huge numbers and wide distribution of smaller walleye this season, our report may not be the only locations that produced good walleye catches.  Other locations other than where our partner charter boat and a few other trusted sources caught fish may also have produced good catches.)

August is the transition month from walleye fishing to mostly yellow perch fishing.  Therefore there may not be a walleye report for several days at a time.  The most recent report will remain until a new report comes in.  Generally August walleye fishing is best out in deeper and clearer water, and Huron east (Central Basin).

WALLEYEFew reports; some success out in deep water north and west of West Sister Island, also second hand report of some evening success in shallow water (10-15 foot) on reefs around Kelleys Island and West Reef.

July Walleye Outlook Update - The huge numbers of "short" walleye (under the legal length of 15 inches) continue to be the large majority of fish caught daily, so you'll have to work through them to get keepers.  The short-to-keeper ratio has been as high as 15-1.  Trolling will probably produce more larger fish if done correctly.  Drift fishing should also continue to be successful throughout most of the month.  By the end of the month we may see a few of the smaller walleye reaching 15" so it may not take as long to get a limit.  Best fishing locations will probably expand out into deeper waters as the month progresses.  East of Kelleys Island / North of Sandusky Cedar Point area is already producing pretty well.

YELLOW PERCH Most reports were slow fishing and a light bite, only fair catches, north west side of Camp Perry range.

OTHER SPECIESGood catches of sheepshead, catfish, and bullheads in the bays, inlets, and shoreline areas.  Smallmouth Bass in the rocky nearshore areas and around the reefs and shoals, especially around the islands.  Out in open water White Bass schools can be found by looking for flocks of gulls diving into the water.  Sheephead and catfish also caught in the open waters; sheephead almost everywhere while catfish can be found in the more rocky areas, the reefs and shoals.

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