iLAKEERIE Lake Erie Western Basin Fishing Report  

Monday August 13:

WALLEYE - No new reports, Saturday report was Huron again limit catch a few miles out. 

YELLOW PERCH -  Report hasn't changed in 5 days; Good to limit catches continue around the Camp Perry firing range, on the north west side and south east side.  Also one report of good to limit catches of bigger perch out north and/or west of West Sister Island.  Long way to go for perch considering the success closer in.

SMALLMOUTH BASS - No new reports.  Try the usual mid summer areas off rocky and shoal areas drop offs in the daytime and shallower in the same areas in the early morning and evening.

OTHER SPECIES Mid summer season - evening or night fishing is best for bottom feeders.  Catfish and sheepshead can be caught readily in Sandusky Bay and the other bays and river mouths fishing on the bottom or near the bottom with live bait or stink baits.  Bullhead try the shallower parts of bays and the various marshes.  For panfish and largemouth bass fish the harbors and dock areas in deeper waters as well as nearshore areas with nearby aquatic vegetation.  Bottom transitions (depth and cover) with current or depth drop offs often hold active fish.

Map-based fishing report coming as soon as I get time to upload it.  View reports and add your own!