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iLakeErie specializes in interactive formats which provide unique and exciting content.  We strive to provide the most comprehensive information about the Lake region.  No matter what you are looking for you will find it here, either on our pages or a link to it in our Lake Erie links page.



FISHING REPORT - Get your online fishing report directly from a charter fishing boat.  The report is usually updated every afternoon or evening.

INTERACTIVE MAP - Searching for something along the Lake Erie shore, islands, and waters has never been this concise and easy.  Clickable icons on a Lake Erie area map allow you to easily get information on all kinds of topic locations, such as boat launch ramps, ferry boats, wildlife areas, parks, bait shops, and a whole lot more.  Each location has basic (name and location) or detailed (website link if available, hours of operation, photos, etc.) information.  See locations in reference to each other and find what you need in close proximity to where you are going or staying.  Take a look around and find navigation aids and structures, photographs and video of notable spots, and even underwater video of locations in the Lake.

LAKE ERIE LINKS - Quickly and conveniently find Lake Erie information not found on this site through web site links to a variety of other web sites.  Whatever your pursuit or interest, the information you want can probably be found through these links.  Hundreds of links listed on dozens of topics. 

LAUNCH RAMPS - Photographs and details on boat launch ramps from Toledo to Huron, including the islands.  Don't take a chance on what you'll find at a launch location, you can find out and see it here.  Launch ramps on the Interactive Map are liked to this page.

VIDEOS - Our own and links to other informational video clips of various activities on and around Lake Erie, including underwater videos.

WEBCAMS - See live images from webcams around the Lake, including our unique CharterCam.  Check lake conditions at various locations, track weather and storms and even watch people fishing live from a charter boat out on the lake.

The purpose of iLakeErie.com is to provide information on just about everything relating to Lake Erie with a focus on the Western Basin.  From airports to zoology you can find it on our pages (page links above) or from the Lake Erie Links page to other informative Lake Erie related web sites.  We think it is better to refer you to established sites that already provide information on a particular topic than to repeat it here.  This allows us to specialize is providing unique content in exciting interactive formats few others are using, even creating and deploying new equipment systems to do so.  We welcome suggestions for content links and information on Lake Erie.  Explore and enjoy the site.  If you don't find what you are looking for let us know.

Lake Erie has a large variety of year around activities on the water and on the shore, something for everyone.  Find your Lake Erie information right here and plan your Lake Erie fun and adventure on iLakeErie.com.

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